Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January 25 - 28, 2015

one of the beaches near by

the coconut men
and one lady …

finding a spot to attach our Bahamian dollar

there we are MODAKI  2015

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I forgot to mention that our good friends from Walkabout, saw Joe and I returning to Modaki, they where a distance away from us, and they were in their dinghy.  They said that they knew it was us, by our life jackets.
We are the only people that wear them …. and to our family back home we will continue too …

We had a great walk with SnowBird, even though Dave got us lost, by taking all those sandy roads, to get to Coco Bay.  I did mention a sign a mile back that said Coco Bay 550 metres this way … as it turned out the ocean was too strong for us to safely snorkel, and Coco Bay too shallow and no reefs ….  But it was a good sweaty walk with great friends.

Back to our boats and I got the blog stuff ready to post, and there will only be one picture from now on and wording.  The wifi here is not strong enough to down load more pictures.  Joe got one diesel tank filled and one water tank … Diesel 5 gal was $25 plus marina service charge of $1.23 … water 5 US gal  $1.35

We had a pot luck get together with other boaters, and met up again with Tutti and Pat, from Nova Scotia….they are here on Keltic Kat, a Non Such, and they wintered the boat here last year. By the time we all finished chatting the sun was setting.

We waited on the next low to come … and it was much stronger.  We rented the golf cart again and headed to New Plymouth with SnowBird, but soon rushed back, the sky got very dark and the wind pipped up.  SnowBird was worried about their anchor and 5 minutes after they got aboard, the anchor started dragging.  They struggled to get the anchor up and catch a mooring ball, other boaters came to help them, during gusts over 35 knots and torrential rain.  The winds continued to howl all night long and shook us awake a few times.

When we where on our travels yesterday we picked up some coconuts, that had fallen and was still full of water (that is how you know they are still good). So off to the beach we all went with hammers, chisels, knives and screwdrivers.  A local man, just shook his head at us and he quickly showed up with a machete  and whack, whack, whack and the outer shell came off, hit the end of the inner coconut and the water was pouring out.  Joe and Dave still was working on theirs.  Later we had rum drinks aboard SnowBird with the water.  Now what to do with all the fresh pulp inside.

The 2nd low has finished now, around Noon, Wednesday and a 3rd is coming tonight, winds are now NW and it is just about impossible to make any passages, safely.  We also don't want to stir up our fuel tank.

We had another nice walk on the Ocean Beach and Coco Bay Beach, a packed lunch on a deserted dock.
Picked up 10 gal of water, and a nice fisherman gave us a few backs of Maui Maui, for supper.

Off to Green Turtle Club to post the blog  ……….

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