Monday, 12 January 2015

January 9 - 12, 2015 North Lake Worth

Banyan Tree

these are amazing

thanks Sue, the cockpit light is fantastic

Joe working on the laundry

and hung out, with the jack lines installed for our crossing to the Bahamas

Tow Boat US , came to help this boat get away from a dragging yacht … no one is on the dragging boat and other sailors, boarded it and put out a second anchor that was on the bow
this boat's anchor was under the dragging boat

our friends on a boat from Australia, was feeding the seagulls … there must of been 200 gulls, oh my !!

taking time to sew the bimini back up, after 5 years the threads are falling apart in the sun

sewing 6 layers of sunbrella is tough … using the cutting board to push the needle thru

January 9 - 12, 2015

Right now everyday is running into each other, we are anxious to cross the gulf stream, but these low's keep coming with strong North and NE winds.

We have bought everything from West Marine that we need, but  still go just about everyday to get water.  A couple of days ago we left the boat with 4 - 1gal jugs and came back with only 3.  Somehow I managed to leave one on the sandy beach dinghy dock, the next day we found it and it had been opened and used, so off we went to buy another jug.  We have been catching up on our laundry, doing clothes one day and sheets the next day, and using our precious fresh water.

Yesterday I had an awful scare, we where heading off to a sailor's get together at a Pizza place, and I couldn't find my camera. Oh the thoughts that goes thru ones mind. We tore the boat apart, looked in our coat pockets, backpacks, and every corner. The evening before we visited another Canadian boat from Quebec. "GIVA", so I was sure that I left it there, but they had moved into a near by marina.  Still feeling sick about this we got the dinghy ready to take to town. Joe had to fill up the outboard, and what did he happen to find up at the mast, yup camera.  Lucky for me it did  not rain overnight, and there was no dew either.

We had a great sailor's greet and get together. Got more water and back to the boat just before a squall hit.

As it turns out our first chance to cross the Stream is now Tues at noon or Wed after midnight, there  will be squalls with Thunderstorms, before that with high north east winds.  Tomorrow morning after Chris Parker gives the word on the weather and crossing we will decide.

This morning we reconnected with Mike and MaryEllen Taylor on PERSUASION, they came into the anchorage last night. We first met at the Canadian get together in Annapolis, when we where there for the boat show, back in October. They are off to town today getting supplies and hope to cross with us.  HOOT HOOT

Well that is it for now, once we do cross it will take us a few days or a week to get organized with 3G and wifi …. we will buy a pay as you go phone, get a SIM card for the IPAD, and only be able to do the blog when we have wifi.

heading to town, for water and wifi, to post this
to be continued ……

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