Wednesday, 8 March 2017

March 1 - 7, 2017 Sue Allison arrives and Cherokee Sound

this is what you do when the tube of caulking hardens up … cut it in half ..
what a mess

we found the two leaks, one is where the wire comes down from the mast
and into the boat

the other is a stanchion base

our neighbours catch of the day

Strawberry Grouper ..they are very colourful

Sue Allison arrives and we take a taxi to Cherokee Sound

a Sea Biscuit covered in some strange plant life

they looked like tiny shells

Sue enjoying the salt water

Elizabeth our tour guide and taxi driver

we wanted to see this longest wooden dock in the Bahamas

the start of the dock

the water is very shallow, at low tide it is no more than knee deep

this beach had lots of shells and Hermit Crabs

all of these shells of different sizes and shapes has Hermit Crabs in them

a Curly Tail Lizard

some of the homes in Cherokee Sound

this settlement was very clean and lawns maintained

the school, most of them are painted yellow

the hurricane shutters on the doors

every settlement has a memorial to the fishermen Lost at Sea

next stop is Little Harbour

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