Sunday, 26 March 2017

March 23 - 25, 2017 Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was in the same anchorage .. he is in the white shirt and yellow shorts
boat name Short Game .. 155ft and worth 20 million
later he moved to the other side of the Sea of Abaco and then up to Bakers Bay, Great Guana Cay the home of the
rich and famous

this wreck was at North Bar … back hoe on board …. it looks like it ran aground and it was left there and it was all rusty .. the grounding must of happened in the last year

our painted floor was peeling (we used the wrong paint), so
Joe is stripping it back 

as of today it is all cleaned up and washed and ready to apply oil base paint

we are at Mangoes Marina to sit out the gale force winds, and be able to get off the
boat .. Friday I went to every boat in the marina and invited them to a
pot luck … and it was well attended

our friends Bert, Almost Heaven (right) and Chris, Groovin brought there guitars

 it has been a year since we saw Gill and Sharlene from First Love 

this little cutie speaks, French, English and Spanish

Rey our dock master supplied wine and beer for us all
Rey (left)

I made fish fritters and it didn't take long for them to be gone

Chris from Persistence sv Morgan 41 Classic,  we have just met them, they are from Edmonton, Alberta …….Chris and Tom had
First Love, Gill and Sharlene and Modaki over for a BBQ the next night ….

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