Thursday, 23 March 2017

March 18, 2017 Man of War Cay fund raiser

looks like this little dog likes our dinghy more than his 

this is a good slogan

there is a home on MOW that has drift wood sculptures in their front and back yard … when we went looking for them, we where told that they have returned to the states for the summer and everything is put away for safe keeping … next year we will return and see his creations
this is one of the sculptures in the front yard  . brain coral on cement

Abaco is directly across from north Africa … now you know … no wonder
it is so hot here in the summer

one of the many cement walk ways and steps leading to a house that is no longer there,
either a hurricane or rot took it down

some art I like

we came to MOW and anchored out to attend a fund raiser for the s/v William H. Albury

the boat was built on Man of War and was abandoned in Jamaica, and our friend Dave Wright 
has been interested in this boat for maybe 4 years .. the beginning price to buy it was $45,000 … but it ended up that Dave paid the bar bill of the owner $200 dollars

a similar boat was in the Kingston, Ontario area and is scrapped, but the owner has donated, the mast, rigging and sails to  s/v William H.  … what is needed is $12, 000 to ship the donation to Abaco

Dave showed 2 movies  the Irving Johnson's 1926 Peking Adventure around Cape Horn, and another movie called Pull and Away a documentary of the Georgetown, Exumas Regatta in the 1950's
(pull and away, means that you start the race with the sails down and the anchor down .. so you PULL up the anchor and sails and you are AWAY)

Dave sang us a few songs, and yes he has not had shoes on since January 2107, there fore we call him
Barefoot Dave

oh yeah Lady Gaga was at Nippers Bar, Great Guana Cay, the same night we where at MOW

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