Thursday, 23 March 2017

March 19 - 22, 2017 finding wind protection

after MOW we moved to Crossing Beach Ferry Landing for the night, with Wingspread, for protection from NW .. then the next day to Tiloo Cay for NE protection ….
we decided to do some fishing … with no luck … but it at least it  got us off the boat

behind a small island for some wind protection

Chris and Charlie

ahhh let the captain drive and I can relax .. and yes it was cool at 65 F … with the NE wind off the ocean

passing thru a shallow cut … and who is anchored in the same vicinity … see power vessel
posting to follow 

finally I caught a small fish .. a Grunt … and yes they do grunt when out of the water …
it made us laugh at his noise

another night in paradise

the next day we motored to Lynyard Cay, past North Bar Ocean cut, which is always rolley .. and it was today also … at our anchorage we where met with about 10 dolphins

Joe and I walked the ocean beach and got some sea glass and 3 sea beans

back to the dinghy we can now smell the forest fire burning across the Sea of Abaco

this boat was in the Lynyard Cay anchorage, called My Maggie, and you can charter it
for a small fee of $55,000 a week 

we had happy hour on Wingspread with Charlie and Chris
Chris makes the best water chestnuts wrapped in bacon

another night in paradise, with the forest fire burning to the left of the sun set

the next day we headed north again and stopped at a sunken barge to check out
the fish, and there was many including a Lion Fish

then we walked another beach and found an abandoned kayak, info in this later

and a sea bean

these trees look like they have been washed ashore in a hurricane

another mystery boat .. look at the man on the bow, he is so small … it was coming into Marsh Harbour for fuel

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