Thursday, 23 March 2017

March 8 - 14, 2017 saying good bye to Snowbird and Moonlight Maid

this orchid looking flower is on a tree that is about 100 ft high and 30 ft diameter
and it is called Poor Mans Orchid Tree

the leaves of the Poor Man's Orchid Tree

we had a guided tour around the premises of ECC, Every Child Counts school for
challenged children … and had every tree and scrub identified for us
there is about 100 children in the school, we donated our extra acrylic paint to the school

one of the largest starfish we have ever seen

walking another deserted beach

we think these tracks are from a turtle, but not too sure

Snowbird, Moonlight Maid and Modaki
had happy hour on the beach with a bonfire

Heather and Alan's son and his girlfriend

the three boats at anchor

the No Seeums drove us off the beach at dusk

another day comes to an end …
the next morning we had unexpected gale force winds that lasted for a couple of hours
no one dragged

Joe and I stopped off at Firefly Resort to have a look around

the grounds are very well kept with huge stone walls, holding back the sand

Modaki at anchor, just off Firefly
..note the different colours in the water, showing different water depths, Marsh Harbour is
in the distance

having a drink looking out at our home

Firefly has their own alcohol brand, most of it is some sort of Ice Tea drink, 
it was too sweet for me

another night at anchor

and the next day the winds kicked up again and we headed
back to Mangoes for a few days, and a rum tasting party was held

Snowbird and Moonlight Maid left the next day and crossed the Whale, on to Great Sail, then West End and staged to cross the Gulf Stream .. we just got an email this morning that
their crossing went well and they are in Stuart, Florida getting ready to decommission the boats,
then get hauled out at Indian Town next week

Snowbird is getting their boat trucked back to Kingston area, and MM is
driving home then coming back in June to sail the boat back to Nova Scotia

Modaki will miss them both next year

thanks to Groovin, Chris and Elizabeth (Toronto area)
got us going to this local Take A Way place called Old School
for curried mutton on a bed of white rice and spinach … all for $7, and it is enough for the two of us

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