Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February 20-28, 2017 Joe volunteer work

Joe started his volunteering work restoring  one of Winer Mahone's 
 personal Abaco Dinghy
… taking the rotten parts off

sanding and anti fouling the inside of the Live Well

Cecil has worked restoring the Abaco Dinghies for 18 years 
here he is installing the new railing

the Live Well … where the fish that are caught are kept alive until
they reach shore

Joe also anti fouled the bottom
this dinghy is 10 feet long

on Joe's last day in this week, I tagged along to see the work in progress
so we dinghy down into one of the two basins in Hope Town, and we had made arrangements
to tie our dinghy to a private dock … then we followed the road allowance to the
other side of the island to Tomato Paste Resort

a boat load of floats

Cecil and Joe have made a lot of progress this week

already restored Abaco Dinghies

this is the same Madeira wood for the bow … (Bahamian Mahogany)

one of the next boats to restore

on the weekends Cecil makes these 1/2 models to scale
Cypress and Madeira
this coming weekend is Hope Town Heritage Day and he will sell them, we will take 
the ferry, it is getting into the busy season and there will not be any available mooring balls
and the winds are to clock .. so we won't be able to anchor out side

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