Wednesday, 5 April 2017

March 26 - 29, 2017 Banyan and Escape Velocity

one of the many plants that are now coming into blossom 

and seed … this was not in our Bahama plant book, I think we
need a better ID book

it has been a year since we saw Finola and Harry on Escape Velocity, from Oriental, North Carolina, 
(shrimp capital)
we travelled together last year to the Eleuthra and Exumas …

and Banyan, Dave and Alex, from Halifax, Nova Scotia
we travelled to Goderich, Ontario to see them in August of last year, and
before that it was in the Abaco

Joe and I took them on a tour, to our favourite places
Tiloo Pond to see the sea turtles 

and a racing boat wreck on the iron stone rocks

then to Tiloo Banks to walk in the swallows that goes for about one mile out into
the Sea of Abaco …. we found some sand dollars also

this is the life …. Modaki in the background

we all met back on Banyan for pizza supper
Dave, Finola and Alex

my self, Joe and Harry

another great forest fire sun set

the next day Joe and I went wrecking, and removed a shackle from the
wrecked racing boat

debris from the ocean, all plastic and looking into Tiloo Pond

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