Wednesday, 10 January 2018

December 31 - January 1, 2018 Happy New Year

another beach walk with Sandy's Way … and again we are the only ones on this beach
a few sea beans collected

Orchid Tree or a Poor Man's Orchid tree because it is missing one
petal compared to other orchids … it blooms a few times a year

looks like Christmas is over and the Grinch in taking down the lights

New Years Day and we are stripping the boat of canvas, tomorrow winds
expected tomorrow … 35 plus knots and lots of rain

I guess there is a good reason for taking the canvas off .. we found one of the clamps
holding up the solar panels was broken

Joe made a quick repair and also tied off the panels to the toe rail, extra security

we met up with Other Goose .. Rick, Susan and grandson Todd in New Plymouth
the day of the Junkanoo …. Owen Sound friends

over 1,000 people arrived from other islands by Bolo Ferry for the celebrations
on New Years Day

Green Turtle Cay Slammers presents Land of Sweets
everyone was dressed as a candy

enjoy the pictures

our Ottawa friends on Trinity One just arrived to Launch their boat
Dan and Lucy

we joined in the Junkanoo for a walk around the village

it was a very hot day and at the half way mark, everyone stopped for 
refreshments … mostly it was water

some cute little drummers

Bunce Man, the wild man of Green Turtle Cay

It is a unique GTC custom that dates back more than 100 years
At the New Years Junkanoo parade there would be a canvas draped wheelbarrow.  Hidden beneath the tarp was "BUNCE", a wild man caught in the pine forest of the Abaco Mainland
Those pushing the wheelbarrow would stop in front of a house and pass around a hat, taking a collection for Bunce to get out and dance.  They told tall tales about the capture of this violent beast, threatened that should enough money not be contributed, they would set him loose within the settlement.

When enough money had been collected, the wildly costumed Bunch would jump from the wheelbarrow, lunging fiercely towards local children and amusing the crown with his antics.
Eventually, he was loaded back into the wheelbarrow, covered up and carted to another house, where the performance would be repeated.
This year Bunce was in a wheelchair … as Bunce sprang from his hiding place, the little ones ran shrieking as the adults laughed and cheered.

some of our sailing friends along the parade route

the evening ended with a great display of fire works

the winds picked up early the next morning and gusted over 40 knots

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  1. Such a great time and a most unique glad to be part of it