Friday, 19 January 2018

January 9 - 13, 2018 - engine problems

it was time for us to check the aniods in the engine … we just checked on 2 out of the three, and
replaced only one … the third one was changed last spring

we got together with C-Soul, Mark and Gail and Other Goose, Todd, Susan and Rick
we are all planning to depart Marsh Harbour in a few days

also a lunch time get-together with Sandys Way and Wingspread

and then Happy Hour at Mangoes …. 
we always seem to be eating

some more boat chores .. after the last rain, our boat is still leaking
Joe is now getting into the chair locker to re-chaulk the bow roller and
bow pulpit

removing the windlass to re-chaulk

Sandy collected a conch and wants to make a horn ..
unfortunately after 2 cuts into the end there was no hole to blow into she is off to find another shell

next we found a coconut and Joe with his machete opened it

John had a sip of the coconut water

then Sandy's turn …  we also shared the nice thick meat inside

then next day we left Mangoes to head out to Boat Harbour and Tilloo Cay for a few days

well we only made it out of the harbour and around to Mermaid Reef
and our engine alarm went off .. within 3-5 minutes all of the oil
dropped out of our engine and into the oil pan and bilge 
… thankfully we were in an wide open area and drifted for a bit, then we put up our sails and
sailed slowly back into Marsh Harbour …. Wingspread and Sandys Way, turned around and
returned also

the other boats quickly anchored and Charlie came back to us and side towed us
back into our slip that we just left one hour ago

Joe getting us all tied up again

once safely tied, Charlie and Sandys Way headed back to their boats

****** now lets see what happened to our motor *****

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