Saturday, 20 January 2018

January 14 - 19, 2018 engine repairs part one

the rusted Mixing Elbow … part of our problem

Joe working behind the motor

transmission off

we have cleaned up all the rust now

some more tools

July 14 - 19, 2018

On Saturday Rey our dock master called a mechanic for us.
around 5:30 he showed up and we told him what the problem was.
Andrews hourly rate is $85 and on weekends $150 … we decided
to wait until Monday.  At 1pm he came and crawled into
our cramped engine compartment and saw the oil leaking, when the motor was running.  He did not want to work in such cramped
quarters, so he proceeded to tell Joe what to do.

So we backed the shaft off, coupler off the shaft and mixing elbow and exhaust system off. It took a lot of time, removing nuts and bolts.
About 4 hours.

Tuesday - Joe raised the motor and took the transmission, flex
plate, flywheel off.  This  took close to 8 hours, the bolts were
rusted on.  All this was caused by a leaking rusted mixing elbow.
The mechanic thought the rear seal was leaking.
Joe thought the transmission was heavy to lift and remove, but the fly wheel is even heavier.

Wednesday - we installed and reinstalled the fly wheel a few times because we needed it on to start the motor, and then we hooked up the  a temporary exhaust system. We needed to go to town and buy special tools and an exhaust pipe to do this. 
What was actually leaking is a steel oil pipe that runs on the exterior of the motor, not the seals and gaskets.
So we are not too sure if this is good news or bad news, any way we
have now found the reason for the 3-4 minutes that it took for
all the oil to drop from the engine.

Thursday - we walk 3/4 hour one way to Boat Harbour Marina and the Yanmar dealer to look into ordering parts. Luckily Joe had a print out from a Yanmar Dealer in West Palm, USA and we found all the part numbers we needed.
The quote from them was $500 plus and it will take 10 days, because they do not have any of these parts in stock.

Our supervising mechanic told us to call this certain dealer in New Jersey.  And we did and was told it was out of his area to sell parts to us, and he gave us another number for Fort Lauderdale, USA.
So we did and they asked us for the zip code we are having it shipped to and was told it was not in their area, and they gave us another
Fort Lauderdale phone #.  OMG
Finally we got the right Yanmar dealer, Complete Yacht Services.  Joe gave them the
14 different parts we needed and within one hour a price was
emailed to us $250 tax included.  But 3 items are no longer made and 2 items are not in stock in Fort Lauderdale.

Friday - Good News, I think.  Complete Yacht Services, emailed and they can get all of our out of stock items and a replacement for the no longer made items.  And they will ship out of C.Y.S. on Monday… and the price now is only $90 total.  What the heck !!!

The parcel will be sent to a custom brokers and delivery agent in F.L.
and then flown to Marsh Harbour and will be received at
Bahama Flex Custom Brokers and delivery.  We have emailed our
cruising permit to Yanmar and they are supposed to attach it to
the outside of the package, so Customs does not charge
us import tax.  (motor parts on a foreign vessel)

Well that is what is supposed to happen.  
So we will see !!!

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