Wednesday, 24 January 2018

January 20 - 23, 2018 Hope Town visit

finally it is time to put away the engine parts back into our parking garage…our 
parts are on order and now it is a waiting game.

time to celebrate what we have so far achieved and
we ordered a Take a Way of smoked ribs and smoked chicken
$10 each and it lasted Joe and I, 4 meals

Sunday I was invited to go to a church service … the one hour 15 minute service
turned into a 2 1/2 service .. there was a lot and I mean a lot of singing, by the Pastor and
the congregation ….

we are still trying to find the leak in the v-berth and we think we found it..
Joe chalking the toe rail … now we need rain to test it 

still waiting on parts to arrive, so on Tuesday we take Albury Ferry to Hope Town
we bought the Frequent Passenger Tickets so it is only $22 each both ways

while waiting we are visited by a flock of shore birds, begging for food

Sandys Way and Jule III are moored in Hope Town and
we got together for coffee … Jule III are heading back around the
Whale later today, and it will be one of the last chance to do so
before the next front comes thru Wednesday - Sunday
Sandys Way is heading back to Marsh Harbour tomorrow

note the washed ashore sailboat

our friend Marti Moss picked us up in her golf cart and toured us around the
7 mile long Cay (island)
note on the left hand side of the picture, Owen Sound in red paint, our sign from last
year indicating how many miles to home port

Mardi took us to her beautiful home on a hill for lunch
it has a great view of the ocean and much needed breeze on this melting day

lunch is served on the deck

we had some time to put in before the ferry took us back to
Marsh Harbour

this is what is left of the boat that was missing after it left Puerto Rico and was travelling to
USA … it ended up on the reefs off Elbow Cay (Hope Town)
there was two people and dogs aboard, and we understood that they did make it safely
to shore, sometime the first week of January 2018

some one or many people are stripping the boat of everything that they can carry away,
we noted that the prop was cut off, sails and brass window frames gone, anchors gone, stainless steel
frames gone

we don't know the whole story around the mishap,
but we are told by Rey our harbour master, that the man and woman on board, lost power on board,
and they were in the storm on January 2 -4 … they thought they were near
Fort Lauderdale, Florida  … they hit the reefs off Hope Town,
Trueman (Lucky Strike), rescued them and got them to shore .. I'm not to sure how they communicated
with him

there is a lot of evidence of the ship being banged against the coral heads (reefs)

Joe said it is a West Sail 32 ft .. a very nice ocean boat

brass port windows missing and marks of it hitting the coral heads

well it is time to leave on the 5pm ferry back to Marsh Harbour, we still have 1/2 hour
walk back to the boat after we dock at Crossing Bay … we want to get back before dark

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