Wednesday, 10 January 2018

January 2 - 8, 2018 around the whale to Marsh Harbour

it was time to defrost the fridge … I defrosted and cooked my lobsters

the small pieces I made lobster chowder for Wingspread, Charlie and Chris
once we got around the Whale

the strong winds hit us and we all stayed on board … for most of the day

at night we got together for some snacks on board Modaki

the next day we rented a golf cart and took Sandy's Way to other beaches 
on Green Turtle Cay

and you always have to visit the dump … resident pigs here also

the boar made us keep our distance from his female and babies

the grave yard for golf carts

and cars

we went to White Sound and watched Other Goose leave the pond and
understood they decided to cross The Whale today … they actually went
thru Don't Rock

we have been seeing these floats all over the beach and have been told that they
are lights that are attached to fishermen's nets .. to attract the fish and so they don't see the nets

this one beach had these small foam wheels all over the beach
probably from fishing nets also

at GTC Sandy and John signed a one dollar bill and stapled it to the ceiling..
this Club is wall papered with one dollar bills

then it was time for lunch at Two Shorties, the lunch menu was a $5 meal
fried chicken, rice and peas and mac and cheese or spare ribs, rice and peas and coleslaw

happy hour at the liquor store once again, about 40 cruisers and locals attended

the next day was our chance to across the Whale
first of all we thought we would take the short cut and go thru Don't Rock, but a big roller, hit the sand bar and broke in front of us .. we quickly made a left hand turn and made our way out to Whale Channel …  seas about 4-5 ft with the odd one 5-6-7 ft .. but it was about 11 seconds between then
it turned out to be one of our easiest crossings

we had a great sail from Logger Head Channel to the entrance to Marsh Harbour

to be continued 

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  1. Great pictures Yvonne. Finally found your blog...not just your FB Page..xo