Friday, 19 January 2018

January 2 - 8, 2018 Marsh Harbour

one of our first stops upon arrival was to go to Asian Market and pick up
some home grown Wing Beans …. mashed garlic potatoes and salmon loaf finished
off our supper

Joe's favourite drink …

one last visit with Mark on Cauv, before he heads off to Cuba

what a great night onboard Sandys Way .. it sure is nice to have an enclosure all around

Joe and I went to Mangoes  for a few days, we took advantage to super charge our batteries
it actually turned out that we stayed for 6 nights because of high winds and torrential rains

it was Sandy's and John's first time to Marsh Harbour, so we showed them the
highlights … Island Bakery was the first on the list

if you don't get there in time all of the Coconut Bread, Thursday and
Raisin Bread on Friday will be gone

Cam from TeAmor, dropped off a gift, that Jan made …
it is for a special parcel that is arriving in April

Arron arrived to install our new wind direction indicator, last year the other one
fell off during high winds

Joe had a safety on Arron but said it never had to even haul him up 
… he climbed the mast like a monkey

up up and away

the new instrument being hauled up

Arron checked all our rigging while up there and removed our
radar indicator .. left side

and the rains came, in one night we had 3 inches .. note the depth in the
dinghy around Joe's ankles
and the boat V-berth leak that we thought we fixed is still leaking

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