Monday, 20 October 2014

October 19, 2014 .. running aground - Solomons Island

we were up about 5:30, getting ready to leave at the first light, so 6:45 we dropped the lines and headed out … we only got  10 feet, and we ran aground ….  after 20 minutes we finally broke free of the mud … the winds are heavy from the north for a few days now and we noted that the one foot tides turned into 2 1/2 ft tides, it sucked a lot of extra water out of the creek

the sun is just coming up behind the clouds, not liking this picture

the winds were strong from the NW, our friends on Jacob's Ladder measured gusts at 34 knots.
We sailed down wind under reefed jib, at one point going 9.5 
motored sailed for part of the time to help maintain speed, when the wind let up … maybe we should of had a double reefed main

the weather man was not right today

Cove Point Natural Gas Liquification Plant … it receives surplus US natural gas supplies and liquifies  it to export to overseas … we passed outside the  500 yards barrier, but heard on the VHF radio a warning to a boat, that it breached their security ….

after 7 1/2 hour and salt sprayed seas, note chart plotter, we made it to Solomons Island

we are getting into areas that we have to pay for use of the dinghy dock and garbage

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