Monday, 27 October 2014

October 25, 2014 --- to Norfolk, Virginia

up and off the hook, with Funny Duck, and Snowbird, 7am is enough light to work your way-out , it took us about 15 minutes to do the dog leg in 6 ft depths around the shallows, last night a sailboat got stuck, by just going one foot off the path … this is Wolf Trap Lighthouse, red brick 55 ft, octagonal dwelling, with a square tower on top

entering Norfolk, Fort Wool on Port and Fort Monroe, Std.

Warship 55, just returning from the sea, we followed her in to her berth

aircraft carrier

warships lined up, Norfolk is the largest navel installation in the world, and is homeport for aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates, nuclear submarines and admiral barges.

you have to keep at least 500 yards of Navy Ships

every where tugs are pushing and pulling barges, these tugs are hugh 

it is an amazing harbour to enter …

it was a long days travel, it was 10 1/4 hours, we had to leave against the tide and fought it all the way to Hospital Point, at one time we were only doing 2.5 knots … we had to leave at 7am to arrive before dark … this was the first time we bucked the currants and tides … to make a passage

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