Tuesday, 16 February 2016

February 10-11, 2016 North Major's and Black Point

feeding the Pot Cakes, local dogs

at anchor

our Canadian Flag got shredded in the last blow

a new flag and some laundry hanging to dry

we went to shore with Grace

limestone rocks washed out

lots of caves

washed out ledge

one of the swimming pigs

Modaki and Grace helping a local get his large dinghy off the beach, he came in on high tide 
and it was low when he wanted to leave

some more pigs arriving

Happy hour on Grace, Kevin and Debbie

Lagom (Mike), Snowbird (Janine)

Andante (Andrew)

a large private boat with a slide at the back

Black Point anchorage

directions on local attractions

the Post Office

Modaki is out there some where

Lorraine's mom, the bread maker

main street Black Point

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