Monday, 1 February 2016

January 21, 2016 Spanish Wells

the bridge from Spanish Wells to Russell Island, only wide enough for one car or golf cart at a time

abandon Pelican Harbour

stone wall of a house with sea glass and shells 

shells, stones and sea glass

there is a lot of goats on this island

a great walk on the beach, but it was cold

mutton fish


the freighter is in with lumber and supplies

the next freighter with the fresh veggies is arriving

it was low tide and we watched it pass close

Joe squeezing the sour oranges and I made Sour Orange Pie

and fish bone soup ..

Amish family going from one island to another

Thursday  January 21, 2016
Joe took me to town and I went to the only place that I know of for good wifi and I spent a couple of hours catching up.
Joe headed back to the boat to work on his inside urethaning projects, soon the whole interior will have 3 coats. 
Modaki is looking pretty sharp these days.
I had the hand held radio and called Joe to come and pick me up, around noon hour.

We had made plans with Snowbird and Moonlight Maid to rent golf carts to explore this island and Russell Island, which is connected by a single lane bridge. Russell Island is home to the locally owned and run power plant for both islands. It is very agricultural with goats every where and a few sheep.  There was a lot of citrus trees but it didn't look like they where maintained.
We came across Pelican Bay, we don't know the story, but it is another Bahamian Development that some one spent a lot of money into it and it is vacant.
Back across the bridge to Spanish Wells, we walked the beach, but it was too cold to stay very long.
We stopped into Bernard the Fish Man, he was there with a fresh
catch of Mutton Snapper.  I bought 2 lbs, one for supper and the other
to freeze  $9/lbs. I also got the backs which have the large bones, and I
made Bahama Fish Bone Soup, with potatoes, celery, carrots and
Old Bay Seasoning … it was so good
Everyone wanted to go to the grocery store again, the freighter with milk and bread arrived, but the fresh veggies are on tomorrows freighter.
The golf carts got returned for the evening and our dinghy needed air again, so we hauled it on to the foredeck and found 2 more pin holes leaks.
Joe patched them and will see what tomorrow brings.

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