Monday, 1 February 2016

January 22-23, 2016 Spanish Wells

Friday January 22, 2016
Joe and I stayed on the boat most of the day to collect rain water, but it
hardly rained at all, so by 3pm, we put the motor on the dinghy and went to shore for 11 gallons of RO water 54 cents/gal.
We still need another 9 to fill our jugs.

Saturday  January 23, 2016
The wind picked up around midnight and another rain squall and it continued to blow 20-25 knots gusting 30 plus.  We took the dinghy to shore for more RO water and paid for our last 2 nights on the mooring balls.
I made Sour Orange Pie, with my Omni Oven to take to another boat to discuss the next days traveling plans.  We all wished we had seconds.  The wind was still the same with heavier gusts of 30.
We had two dolphins spending time swimming around and under our boat.
It was movie night with popcorn, we watched
Waking Ned Devine and by 9pm the winds where still howling.
Thank goodness we are on mooring balls, and will have a good cold nights sleep
even though we have unpacked our down duvet,

it is to be 59 degrees F tonight.

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