Saturday, 13 February 2016

January 31, 2016 - Feb 1, 2016 Rock Sound, Eleurthera

joe getting RO water from the town taps, right on the beach

our first sea dice 

a floating dinghy

maybe we could buy this one  .. or not

Royal Palm .. love the colours

some of the houses that are lived in 

Ocean Hole Park

first view of this huge salt water hole in the middle of town

there is lots of fish in here, people where feeding them bread .. locals and brave souls
swim in here .. over 600 ft deep and is attached to the ocean,  ..
it rises and falls with the tides

some scenes of our walk around town

main street

post office and administration office .. a historical building

cotton bush

the internet company with the huge wires coming down from the tower, not allowed in
Canada for sure

parts of fans decorated 

Andante (Andrew) left … Lagom (Mike) .. and Joe
happy hour on Modaki 
I tried to keep these two single handlers supplied with  Date Squares, rum balls and rum cake

Dis Way to the Bar

one of the many churches in town .. it is a landmark for coming into the harbour

two young women, who run the Blue Seahorse Gift shop
they might use one of my seahorse pictures on a post card

some of the jewellery that that make, all from local material

a pizza shop, next door to the Restaurant that I spent 2 hours posting the blog
now that was at least 2 weeks ago .. 
wifi is hard to come by in these out out islands

making Cassava  Curry

Cassava is like a potato
it was really good

good night

I bought this locally made basket, love the design

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