Monday, 1 February 2016

January 26, 2016 Hatchett Bay, Eleuthera

Royal Tern

some of the small houses in Alice Town

Moonlight Maid getting water … when we went to get some, it was broken…

this house on the right is 150 years old

and this beautiful woman lives here, she is 92 years old and her family built the house

there is very narrow streets

the salt has rusted this machinery right to the barge

with trees growing on the barge 

having drinks at Da Spott bar

walking another beach with Kevin and Debbie on Grace

this cemetery is right close to the beach

looking for sea glass

some interesting patterns in the RO water ice cubes

January 26, 2016 … Tuesday
first thing .. i don't know if this happens every where .. but on the boat .. we have no idea what day it is .. that is why i try and tell the day … when i  worked i knew what  day it was, cause  i was working to Sunday my day off …

anchoring in Hatchet Bay/Alice Town .. the wind was not too bad overnight, and I was up a few times checking the anchor lights around us, it was not strong enough to make us break free .. paranoid again ..
Joe woke before 6am with his 3rd migraine in three days .. I hope this pattern stops cause it is very hard on him …

Chris Parker at 6:30am , weather expert, down payed the next low front a bit.
All of the Abaco, Exumas, Eleuthera has been hit with 2 fronts a week .. 
we have one good day and 3 in hiding in protective harbours, which is hard to find in Exumas and Eleutheras .. for the last month.

I just finished reading a Lee Child novel, Echo Burning … so good
Joe is continuing to upgrade Modaki and is now varnishing the companionway on the outside .. do you know how difficult it is to go out and in with out touching any thing 

we decided to go to town and let the varnish dry
we met Moonlight Maid getting water from a local tap, to buy water here is $1/gal .. we are glad we filled up in Spanish Wells at .54 cents/gal
we found a grocery store and picked up a few things .. cassava we will try and cook … it is a root crop ..  
we ended up at Da Stopp  a bar and food place, we got Curry Chicken, mac n cheese and rice for $8  and split it .. we met Grace a Morgan 35, with Debbie and Kevin aboard .. they took us to a beach with a cemetery only 100 feet from the shore .. all the burial sites are looking out to sea .. it is still in use … there are caves in the area to explore 
.. then we headed back to our boats .. some boats came in the harbour .. and tried to pick up mooring balls … not knowing that these mooring balls have not been serviced for 15 years …  then they dropped them and anchored in 30 ft of water ..  
nothing happens fast here in the Bahamas
waiting out the next blow and low …

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