Monday, 1 February 2016

January 27-29, 2016 surfers beach, Governors Harbour

Joe and I hitch hiked to Surfers Beach, we got picked up and this is the Hatchet Bay
Silo's that was to support the beef industry that is no more

a termite hill

after we got dropped off at the main road we walked another mile to
da beach

the pavement stopped and stone road began

then dirt road
will we ever get there

finally Surfers Beach

like most beaches it is littered with plastic and foam

the surfers hang out

heading back the one mile to the main road .. and the first car picked us up and returned us to Hatchet Bay/ Alice Town

our find for the day sea glass, sea pearl, and sea beans

the Noni tree with fruit

we rented a car and drive to Governors Harbour .. the traffic actually stopped for the mama hen and
her babies

looking out in to the harbour .. it is exposed from the west

the library

one of the many churches

this street dates back to the 1700's

bottles used in the cement

hurricanes have devastated this part of Eleutheras

a cute house across from the bakery

then off we went to Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve
walking they the mangrove section

not too sure why the water is this colour

a fresh water pond

and another stop at a beach side bar

buying local organic veggies

the veggie freighter leaving the bay, tomorrow the shelves will be full

then a car ferry came in .. it for sure must of squeezed through the entrance

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