Saturday, 17 December 2016

December 13-16, 2016 crossing the whale, connecting with Grace again

well we crossed on the outside of the Whale again in gentle rolling seas to get back to the north and
New Plymouth … and I caught a fish and had it on line for about 15 minutes and then it broke free, but I still have my hook

one of the boats at anchor with us, just off New Plymouth

we met up with our friends on GRACE, Debbie and Kevin, it has been 7 months since we
sailed together … our conversations was just like we saw each other yesterday

since the ocean was calm and no wind we decided to cross back over the WHALE, going south…
we got up early to see a huge sun rising and to catch the rising tide to go thru Don't Rock Passage
we are in the extreme tides now and our depth of water was 7.9 ft

we anchored in Fishers Bay, on Great Guana Cay,
we needed to walk a beach

Dive Guana has moved to a new location in the settlement, a much larger store, they rent out boats, golf carts, scuba and snorkelling gear, do charters etc.
there was a new cement bench out front (easier to keep down in hurricane winds)

next stop was Nippers

what a view …. have a drink and watch the ocean roll in
… we found 3 more sea beans to add to our collection

the Poisonwood tree is so beautiful, but don't touch it or stand under
it in a rain storm

time to head back to Marsh Harbour … we sailed the whole way….
we had laundry to do, sim card to be topped up, diesel and gas to buy, electrical work on the batteries
and paint to buy for the floor

Mangoes Restaurant is going to be opening soon, today a new roof is being put on

my mung beans are ready to harvest

vegetable rice rolls to be made

our neighbour caught a 50 lb Grouper out at sea

we are still having battery issues, they are not keeping a charge, so Joe has now
installed a shunt to keep track of each battery
… these batteries are only one year old

laundry day on Modaki

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