Friday, 2 December 2016

November 20-25, 2016 SPLASH DOWN

we had only planned to be in the boat yard for 2 nights, so we kept busy both days
from 7:30 to 5 pm
the boat was in good shape, no mold or mildew, just the wood work needs 
to be scraped and varnished

new anoide

buffing up the propeller 

getting the dinghy pumped up, we where so glad to
see it was holding air

a new way to tie dye … take a purple shirt, wrap it around your winch
and let the summer sun bleach it for 6 months

Joe scrapping the bottom to get it ready for the anti fouling

we bought a gallon this year $510 US and we had to pay
an extra $80 for doing the work our selves
this product is illegal in the US and Canada

it was a very hot day for Joe to be in this suit sweating and painting
showers here are $4 for 8 minutes, and Joe said he felt human again afterwards

moving the dinghy to the water

time to quit for the day, we need the boat in the water to get the wind generator blades on, 
and wait for low tide so we can reach them

the day has arrived

splash down

at the dock just outside AYS …
we started the motor when we where on the hard and it
struggled a bit and when we started it in the water it quit.
… so we changed the filters and bled the system and like magic it has run
good so far 
….and just when we thought we had every thing running smooth, our 4- year old batteries
are not holding a charge …we still have not figured this one out

time to celebrate being back on the water, happy hour at
Pineapples Bar with other boaters

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