Friday, 2 December 2016

November 20-25, 2016 …. part one flying to the Abacoes

this year we had the city of Owen Sound shut off the water
at the curb, it will save us a few hundred dollars in delivery charges
…but it would not shut off at the curb and next spring they will install
new hardware
.. our friends Terry and Kim from Clarity drove us to our hotel in Toronto, for an
early flight November 22

flying over the sand banks of the  Bahamas

descending thru the clouds to Nassau 
and I must say "nothing goes to wind like a 747"

we had about a 3 hour lay over in Nassau, we took a small walk and
saw some of the devastation from Hurricane Matthew
also we got our Bahamian sim card and instant wifi

we had some lunch in the airport at Wendy's and met the couple and
their children, they are from Perry Sound and on their way to Hope Town, Abacoes for
a few weeks

there was lots of local art work on the walls of the airport
this is Marine Enamels on Plywood

a close up view

plywood sculptures by a Bahamian artist

mixed media assemblage

close up view

acrylic painting

finally our smaller plane arrived, enough seats for 50 people

we had made arrangements for Elizabeth a local taxi driver to pick us
up and deliver us to our hotel room for the night
..we headed out with Nick and Judy from sv Shadow, Nova Scotia for a
few conch fritters at Snappas

the next day Elizabeth picked us up and took us to the liquor and beer store
and waited for us at Maxwells the grocery store and then a 3/4 hr drive to
Green Turtle Ferry near Treasure Cay we are on the ferry heading to Abaco Yacht Services

our luggage and groceries

finally at AYS and time to move onboard

the view from the boat , looking out at the ocean

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