Friday, 9 December 2016

December 8, 2016 Scott's visit and Abaco Parrots

handing over the driving to Scott … he quite enjoyed it

just outside Hope Town cruisers are putting up signs of their home port and the milage to get to there, we are now on the hunt for a piece of drift wood so we can do the same

we rented a golf cart to cruise the island
here is some pictures along the way

a deserted dock and the boys with another coconut to harvest

most of these roads are only wide enough for golf carts

the white and pink Lillies are also in flower now

we just had to show Scott, Abaco Inn, right on the water, with a view of the ocean

avocados sprouting at a nursery

a round ginger bulb sprouting

the nut before it is broken apart for sprouting

we also stopped at "On Da Beach Bar and Grill

scott wanted to try one more swim in the Atlantic Ocean

we started to head out of Hope Town harbour at about mid rising  tide and quickly backed up before
going aground …I told Scott that every time we get to a new anchorage or mooring we open a beer ... and as to tradition we cracked open drinks, but this was 9am …. we waited for two more hours before heading out

and another swim at Mermaid Reef

back to Mangoes because  Scott flys out Friday… 

our friends from Meaford, now Guelph area arrived .. Bill and Lauren on Sea Star
they brought some supplies for us from home

Abaco Parrots at Mangoes

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