Sunday, 4 December 2016

December 2 - 3, 2016 Abaco Christmas Festival

Joe and I do a lot of our shopping at a small Asian store, this is one of the vegetables that
they grow in their back yard, I can't remember the name, but you boil it like green beans
and it also tastes like green beans

I have the captain here separating the mung beans into the ones we
think will sprout for us … we grow them in a sealer jar in our cupboard 

today is the day of the Abaco Christmas Festival

it starts at about noon and goes until 11:30 pm …
Santa was there for the kids, with a police escort

there was lots of local crafts being sold
and about 20 food vendors, all selling local food

here the kids are lined up in 4 different lines, depending on their age.  Bakers Bay Lodge, for the
rich and famous donate gifts for every child, there must of been at least 1,000 children in attendance

then came the Nassau Police Marching Band, they put on at least one hour
of show, marching interesting patterns, back and forth…and it was a very hot day for their performance

these drummers had fake wild cat fur as part of their costume, even the head of
the cat at their back

what a colourful and professional performance

then the young children performed

these little girls sang and danced

we stayed until about 5:30 and it was getting dark … it was a bout 1/2 hour walk back to the dinghy…
if we would of had a ride we would of stayed for the music and a Junkanoo 

that's all folks ….

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