Sunday, 25 December 2016

December 20-24, 2016 Tiloo Pond, Matt Lowes Cay Christmas Eve

we had a great sail down thru Elbow Cay and Lubbers Quarters, this can only be done at high tide for us … there is a few places that it is only 3 ft deep … other wise we have to go around the other side of Lubbers Quarters and the shallows on that side also ...
this charter boat Barcelona Explorer .. could become your home away from home for a week .. beautiful boat

or this home on the north end of Tiloo Cay

our destination today is Tiloo Pond .. for swimming and exploring the ocean side

on the banks side is mostly Iron Stone, good shoes is a must

while Modaki is swinging at anchor we explored some property that says For Sale

there was a small foundation, hydro hook up, water from the banks, a beautiful walkway to the water, but it was all over grown .. so no one has been here for a while

climbing thru the brush to get to the ocean side

Passion Flower, it gets its name because parts of it resemble aspects of the Lord crucifixion.
The three stigmas on the top of the blossom are said to represent the 3 nails and the flower represents 
a crown.

rare and uncommon in the Abaco is an American Oystercatcher
length 18 inches, wing spread 32 inches … large black and white shore bird with thick
bright orange-red bill, red eye-ring around yellow eye and pale pink legs
a very beautiful bird

we tie up our dinghy to a falling apart dock, Tiloo Pond is in the back ground…
next time we are here we will snorkel the pond .. we only saw one sea turtle, and the last time
we where here we saw about 6

over to the ocean side and the waves pound the iron stone shore

it is very touch walking on this stuff

this is what's left of the racing boat that left Spain, about 4 years ago and hit a container 200 miles from
Grenada, the sailor was rescued … and it washed ashore 1 1/2 years ago here on Tiloo Cay, after being
afloat, either above the water or partly submerged for about 2 years

these next pictures or what we took 1 1/2 years ago … when it washed ashore
it is still partly in tack 

Nerites (Bleeding Tooth), very colourful … has about 200 living marine spiecies and
are found clinging to wave washed rocks

well we have finished painting the floor of Modaki, we wanted to make it
look like a glass bottom boat, seeing the fishes and marine life below
.. not too bad for non artists 

sand dollar, star fish and a parrot fish

time to move again, motoring this time .. no wind, but beautiful water

over night stay at Matt Lowes Cay .. a private island

doing some dinghy exploring .. this sailboat is registered in Toronto

these houses are on the point of Johnny Cash Point, note all the viewing platforms

the houses in this area are over one million plus

this is Dr. Evan Cottman's castle that he built himself back in the 1920-30 ..
he was an American Doctor that practised in the Bahamas
the castle is now for sale for 1.1 million … we had the pleasure to visit with Dr. Cottman's daughter and the castle
last year with our friends on Paper Bird

a view from our boat of one of the beaches on Matt Lowes Cay, there is now guard dogs on the
island .. so not too sure if we will venture a short visit to walk the beaches

another boat anchored in the lee of Matt Lowes and came over for a visit, and I'm glad they did
Mary and Dave from "Luck of a Fool" kept us laughing for hours ..

Luck of a Fool, at anchor with a barge passing between the rocky islands

Christmas Eve we had Chris and Charlie, Wingspread over for sun downers and
Mary and Dave, Luck of a Fool joined us later for another night
a jokes and laughter
 our home made California Rolls where enjoyed by all

Merry Christmas every one

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