Friday, 2 December 2016

November 26 - 29, 2016 enjoying the heat and time on the water

the cockpit drain, sure was dirty after 6 months on the hard

even something was growing inside … time for some new hose

installing the wind generator blades and yes one nut ended up in the water, luckily Joe had
some spares

Eddie the conch salad guy … truly the best in the Abacoes

corn chips are a bit expensive, for a 10 ounce  bag .. $8.07

another day ending

there was a dinner fundraiser in New Plymouth, to raise money for
more Christmas Lights

some Canadian sailors enjoying the Take Away food
chicken, cheese burgers and conch fritters
we heard that they made $1,500

this is cornstarch pudding and it was so good

taking stock of our groceries 

cockpit before cleaning

and after

we moved to Donny's Marina to clean the boat and
fill up our water jugs

some nice foliage climbing up a palm 

banana plants

keeping track of our finances

Joe gets all the dirty jobs, fixing the toilet seat

then its low tide and we headed to the beach

and yes the water really is that colour

a bee hive on top of the ladder .. very strange

S.S. Minnow freshly painted

some boats in the Mangroves for protection from Hurricane Matthew, 
we are not sure what happened to this half sunk sailboat

a Blue Heron, fishing

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