Thursday, 16 February 2017

February 10-15, 2017 Crackers P's

after leaving Marsh Harbour and rounding Sets Point, we came upon this huge, beautiful power boat
the stern was open and they where loading a centre console power boat (25 ft. long) into it … it looks like they anchored off an island and took the smaller boat to shore to explore … 
it would be nice to see inside that boat

we anchored for two nights just off Tahiti Beach .. our friends from Paperbird, Lyn and Greg came for a visit .. we have sailed together in the Abacoes and Exumas  in the last few years .. it is always so nice to see once again our sailing friends … they are heading out soon for the Eleuthras

on Lubbers Quarters (island), is Cracker P's, we understand the owner is Canadian
it was our first time going to this hang out, bar

we had a bit of a dinghy ride to get here, but it was worth it

some signs on the way to the bar

the bar is on two levels and what a view, looking over to Tahiti Beach
the place was packed with cruisers

all of the outside walls open up for the view and breeze
at the back of the place is beautiful gardens

later we walked at low low tide (full moon) on Tahiti Beach, where we met up with Chris and Charlie on 
Wingspread and later we had sundowners on their boat

the next day we moved to the other side of the Sea of Abaco, as the wind was changing to the West and then NW … what actually happened was the wind completely died and we all went
out for a dinghy ride in Wingspreads dinghy

this is one area we wanted to explore, but the tide was falling and the water is
very skinny in here … so we will have to explore it another time

Charlie manoeuvring us out of the shallows, thank goodness for tilting motors

in between Sugar Loaf Cay and Johnny Cash Point

there is lots of beautiful, huge, expensive homes in this area

our dinghy (walk-a-bout) seems to be floating in mid air
Wingspread in the back ground … we are the only two at anchor here

another day has come to a close
Joe's shot with the moon and a house with lights on and the reflection on the water

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