Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February 20 - 28, 2017 Chung Tu and Old Rosie

a very friendly Curly Tail

this Hermit Crab actually squeaked at me to leave him alone
he is using an abandoned Snakeskin Top Shell as his home

back at Hope Town we reinforced out Owen Sound Milage sign

my mini boat orchids sure are enjoying the warm weather

we finally saw the controller of the mini sailboat that was making its way thru the
mooring field

Winer Malone's work shop beside his home on Hope Town, he has
built over 200 Abaco Dinghies with all hand tools and no blue prints
Winer is now over 95 years of age and we understand that this is
his last dinghy that he is working on .. and it is his coffin

the Maderia wood used for the bow of the Abaco Dinghies
it is actually the crotch of a tree branch .. they use this so the grain of the
wood goes around the bend of the bow for a much stronger piece of wood

we toured the Hope Town Museum with Ben and Jane from
Old Rosie .. this is the original Bahama Flag before Independence ...
Colonial flag flown in Hope Town up until midnight on July 9, 1973

some creative sea shell art work decorated the museum

after a week in Hope Town we went to Archers Cay and met up
with Old Rosie and Chung Tu …. the guys caught 3 lobsters, while the girls
walked the beaches for shells
Debbie and Jane

Joe, Ben and Pierre

a great supper …. once again

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