Sunday, 5 February 2017

January 21-23, 2017 the storm

green heron on our dock line finishing at night

Joe changed the anchor chain end for end and had to splice on the rode .. the galvanization was
disappearing on the end we have used for a few years

I did some fishing off the boat and caught a few Grey Mutton Snapper

they where very hungary for the squid and we had to throw back the small ones

our Quebec neighbours  on Katmandu … Giesel and Philip decided to 
catch some also

one of my prize fish

we only kept 2 and gave the rest to one of the workers at Mangoes

very excellent eating fish

I'm not the best filleting fish and we cook them on the BBQ and the
bones come right out

a few days before Lily and Mike arrive we are hit by 45 knot winds for a day

the dinghy had 2 inches of rain in it and the cooler was floating

when the palm trees look like this it is windy

everyone was spider webbed in

we are glad we are at a dock and not at anchor in Marsh Harbour
there is no way you can get off your boat in these conditions

the big Donnie boat had a hard time turning around in the high winds
he pulls bow first into the dock and then backs up and turns around to head back out
… it took him about 4 tries to get the bow heading in the right direction
here he is rubbing up the side of our pole that we are tied to

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