Monday, 20 February 2017

February 16-19, 2017 Man of War …. part one

Lands and Forests, this one is for you … we found this log on the beach
90 ft long and 16 inches diameter

this was not a shy bird and the actual name is
Little Blue Heron

Joe helping a fellow sailor with some electrical work on his windless
and they got it solved

it looks like my shutter lens did not fully open in the next few pictures
heading to the beach on the north end of Man of War

we connected with our friends on Don Quixote, Vicki, Art, Roxy the dog 

on our walk-a-bout we found some huge bouys and the trees trimmed so from their house
they have a view of the ocean

everyone here decorates their front entrance with conch shells and a bell

some freshly planted Austrian Pine (Cassarina), salt resistant trees

they are used as fence hedges and can grow to about 50 ft
and are good shade trees, but they chock out other trees, the wood
makes good charcoal

this is the main road, called The Queens Highway and is only wide enough
for one golf cart at a time

some succulent plants in flower

this was unusual find

entrence to a private property

we liked this sign and it is so true, when the east ocean storms arrive, it washes away a lot of the dunes

another fence made of dead fronds woven thru wire fences

this guy was up in the tree pruning the top … but what he was actually doing was

another day at Man Of War
tomorrow is the Flea Market

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