Sunday, 5 February 2017

January 24 - 30 Lily and Michael's visit to the Abaco part one

Mangoes has its first ever Farmers Market .. it was quite good

all home grown and chemical free

Lily and Mike arrive at 6pm at Marsh Harbour
I came to meet them with our taxi driver Elizabeth, the one we use
all the time

after the kids had a quick nap after 14 hours of travelling time, we had pizza and the next day
had us filling our water tanks for departure

Lily will kill me for using this picture of her, fresh out of the shower  ...but they both got into the act of catching some more
fish .. Lily just wanted to feed them, then Mike took over and he was in for the hunt

checking in at home with Sue Allison, who is looking after their dog Mars

relaxing before the pot luck to welcome them to the Abaco

most of the cruisers this time at the marina are Canadians

Chris from Grooven (Toronto), entertained

Rey, the harbour master brought some wine and joined us after his work

after supper we headed to the other side of the Harbour for some
Rake and Scrape music …. here Mike is playing the saw

our friends from Moonlight Maid and Snow Bird

Mike even got into the limbo

Alan playing the saw

the real limbo guy .. doing his performance and even lighting a smoke on the way
under the pole

some pictures of the band

and yes I had to give it a try .. so much fun

the band encouraged everyone and anyone to try their hand making music

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