Friday, 10 February 2017

February 2 - 9, 2017 … continued Snake Cay - boat maintenance

we headed to the west side of the Sea of Abaco to Snakes Cay, to do some
beach combing 
we found a small reef teeming full of coral heads, fans and

sting rays

these are taken from the dinghy so they are a bit blurry

this line is the eye let of a 8 inch diameter rode .. not too sure what boat it would of come off

we where all alone in this beach walk

what is left of a spiny lobster

it is hard to find flowering flowers in the winter time in the Bahamas
this scrub grew along the sand dunes and was hairy and plump

it looks like this star fish is out for a brisk walk

looking north to Marsh Harbour and a derelict dock

this is what remains of the dock that carried lumber to and from the Marsh Harbour area,
next time we will dinghy around and get to shore for a walk-a-bout

heading back to Marsh Harbour .. the dark water is about 10 ft, the lighter colour is about 6 ft and the real light area is 1-3 ft … Lubbers Shallows

once in Marsh Harbour we anchored and soon followed Moonlight Maid, Snow Bird ..
Wingspread and Paper Bird are already here

this looks like a parrot fish, but not too sure

I was trying to find some different dinner meat … not too sure if Joe would like it
if I brought this home  ..

we moved into Mangoes Marina for a few days … Joe wanted to change the anoids in the
engine .. also we changed the oil .. I did a few loads of laundry and hung them on our life lines, groceries bought, ice box defrosted 
tomorrow we get off the dock and anchor for a night to visit with Paperbird before they
head south to the Elutheras

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