Monday, 5 March 2018

January 24 - 30, 2018 parts arrive

another boater was upgrading and gave away this
Pro Mariner Pro Tech … 40 amp battery charger .. and it still
works … we installed a different model  on Modaki earlier last year ..but thought as a back up we
would keep it for a while or until someone else is in need

we are still waiting for our boat parts to arrive from the states ….
I'm needing a day away and off the boat … SandysWay came to our rescue .. they braved the
3 ft seas inside Marsh Harbour .. (note umbrella) .. it keeps Sandy dry, except for the
dinghy butt …

we are taking them to the cut that crosses from one side of Marsh to the other
these are called Poppers, you squeeze them and they pop open

the cut, that we are told was cut thru the limestone by slaves, you can still see the machete marks

its so much fun showing newbies to what we have found in the Abacoes…
this is the first walk for Sandy and John in this area, on the Sea of Abaco, between
Boat Harbour Marina and Marsh Harbour Boat Yard

we actually timed it right and got to walk all the way around the shore,
at mid tide it is impossible to do this

one of the discoveries along the way

Sandy is into collecting shells, as I am … but these guys are still alive
… Bleeding Tooth

some one had a good haul of Trigger Fish .. the fish books say that they are
poor eating … but we have caught them and love the meat … books are not always right

I actually didn't realize that them had teeth … their mouth is so small

I think this is the Umbrella Tree fruit .. the  rare Abaco Parrots love to eat
these berries

on the way back to the boats, we visited Don Woods and his studio,
I have a necklace pendent of a sea turtle that he made for me a few years back
.. this year our hubbies commissioned Don to make for Sandy and myself
individual Sea Horses, each one is different and time staking long process…

Don loves nature and has many skeletons hanging about, and everything has
a story … so be ready to spend a few hours listening to every story … oh yes and
he will invite you to have tea with him .. we have on many occasions

what a great visit again with Don

then our parcel from the states arrived … we had a broker bring it into the Abacoes for us
Bahama Flex … we had made arrangements with a fellow boater to use his boat bikes
to go about 3 miles to pick both parcels up (Taxi would of been $12 round trip) … but to our surprise the broker said he would deliver to Mangoes …. brokers price with delivery was $30 …

this is what you get for $125 … nice

we ordered a new motor mount from another company … now Joe wishes he had ordered all 4

this is the oil leak replacement … the exterior  pipe shown here had a pin hole in it
and under pressure it dropped all the oil from the engine into the bilge, and other places …
NOTE : we did NOT let this oil spill into the water … we pumped it all out and put into gallon water jugs and disposed of it  … then we soap and watered the bilge etc and did the same to this sudsy water
We did our best to not have any leak into the Bahama waters

Saturday morning and we headed into town for an art fest festival..
Joe is talking to Kent, she owns Tomato Paste Rentals, Joe volunteered at her boat restoration
place with Cecil last year and was suppose  to volunteer there again this year .. but the unexpected
death of Cecil a few months before changed these plans

the day was great .. sunny and warm … 

buying some local honey .. it makes me want to get back into bee keeping

this little guy was the keeper of these specially trained dogs … most of the Bahamas
has stray dogs of mixed breeds called POT CAKES

local music was blaring and this little guy was dancing up a storm

one of our replacement parts .. the old one is actually just now this smaller part..
and it saved us a lot of money

we woke Sunday morning to black smoke bellowing in to the harbour
we found out that the Mudd was on fire
right in the middle of Marsh Harbour

to be continued  ...

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