Saturday, 13 December 2014

December 10 - 11, 2014 visiting Mike and Sharon and Yvonne flying home

this is our next rental, to do last minute errands and getting me to the airport, Modaki all secure for a few days until Joe and his son return

we took a bit of a road trip to see our friends Sharon and Mike, they live on the canal system , that is from Stuart (east) to Fort Meyer (west coast) … one of Mikes homes

getting ready to head out to visit another marina, for info of hauling out and storage for the summer, a great pontoon ride in the canal

it was hard to believe that this canal is 15 - 20 ft deep and the ICW is 6 ft plus

a nice sunny, calm day

it turned out to be quite a windy day after all, I think someone needs a hair cut …

we got to explore many of the canals in the immediate area

oak knees (the roots)


lots of turtles, and one alligator, (not in picture)

fire cracker bush

this is what we will get to shade and protect Modaki's deck during the summer months

if all works out this will be the summer residence for Modaki, she will be hauled out first to have the bottom cleaned, and anti fouled and any bottom work taken care of … the canal is all fresh water NOT salt ….

back at Mike's place, picking ripe oranges right off the tree

another view of Modaki's new summer home, April or May 2015 to November 

Bird of Paradise

ripe and sweet star fruit, so good

lucky for us Mike knows the owners of this orange tree, so it was not really stealing …

Joe, Sharon and Mike, love these homes, they are all on stilts and you park your car under, to save the paint job from fading 

once we left Turkey Creek, we headed for a 3 hour drive to Orlando and our hotel room … I'm flying at 7am … back to Canada  … fast forward, up at 4am, shuttle bus, thru customs 6am, and the flight is delayed until 7:45 .. finally on the plane and they tell us that there is a snow storm in Toronto, and we might have to circle for a bit, because only a few landing strips are open … oh my

the flight was only about 2 3/4 hours long, and they no longer serve food … I had a coffee and water … thank goodness I packed some snack bars

leaving sunny Florida, and …

landing during a snow storm

once landed we only had to wait for a short time on the plane, but it took about one hour to have them release our checked luggage … some of the passengers had connecting flights to other parts of Canada, and they all missed the flights … the ones I talked to where to catch another flight about 4 hours later … I made arrangements to get back to Owen Sound by our Airbus service , $75 one way .. Lily, my daughter picked me up at about 4:30 .. oh my a long day

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