Saturday, 13 December 2014

December 4 - 6, 2014 Ft. Pierce, Florida

Modaki got moved to a smaller dock, which came with great neighbours, here is Kitty walking his owner … note Joe standing on the grass that is full of Fire Ants

we installed our Single Side Band Radio and Cam from Ta 'Amor came over to check out the channels for Chris Parker … looks like Clark James left it on the channel we wanted … lol

we saw this car cruising the marina, all decked out with everything imaginable

the alligator seat covers too … we understand that this is an automobile in the remaking, all the interior is to be replaced and everything will be white in colour

our friends Janis and Cam, and friend Mike getting prepared for the Bahamas and Cuba

Ta 'Amor, leaving the dock 

this is what 7am in Florida looks like

…. see you in the Bahamas, our Nova Scotia friends

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