Wednesday, 3 December 2014

November 20 …( I see once again I'm back win August) Titusville, Florida

Joe again highlighting our next days voyage, we find it easier to pick up any bridges, or shallows if we do this, also easier to follow the winding water way

once again up and off the anchor before 7am, a nice sun rise

another sailboat sunk

this one is for sure not going any where, sails removed and I counted 8 anchors holding it in place

these are little islands that are made from dredging the ICW, then mangroves planted on them so keep them from eroding away

little water ways off the ICW, for small power boats for sure

it is good to see that someone is looking out for the dolphins welfare 

still we haven't seen one

another abandoned home

we are seeing lots of fishermen now

this finally looks like we are getting into the heart of Florida and nice weather

today turned out to be a short one, only 6 hours and 34 nm … 2 fixed and 2 lift bridges .. mile 880 of the ICW …. the wind is picking up and too choppy to go to shore

the Madhatter Tug

there is about 5 other Canadian boats at anchor with us

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  1. HI Guys! Been wondering where you are !!! We are a day north of Beaufort SC and still cold! Enjoy your sunshine and send some up the coast if you have too much!!! Maybe we'll catch up in the Bahamas!