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November 28-29-30, 2014 Ft. Pierce

when we started the motor again to leave Vero Beach, the alternator was smoking and it smelt like an electrical fire, so I guess the patch work was not working … Joe unhooked the alternator and we motored to the fuel dock, to get fuel, and a pump out … we managed to plug into the shore power for about 1/2 hour while we slowly took our time there … we needed enough power to operate the depth sounder, chart plotter, and charge the refrigeration unit …
so off we went for the 20 nm to Ft. Pierce … we decided to shut off all electronics, refrigeration etc. and transit the canal the old fashion way, by charts …. we turned on the wind generator and slowly worked our way south … 
it was an easy passage and we made our way to a dock at Riverside Marina, Ft. Pierce, a do-it-your-self working yard

our temporary dock was for a larger boat and Joe had to get into the dinghy to tie the STB lines on

we paid $400 for the month, with hydro … if you weren't living on it, it would of been only $300

this boat from Montreal stores there car below while they are away .. what a great idea

there is a few live aboards here in the marina, this guy has all the comforts, even with a TV … we did notice that it sat outside in a rain storm

there was lots of boats in stages of completion

I think this set of stairs, indicated a permanent resident

well back to the alternator, Joe removed it and we took it to get looked at, it turns out that everything is good, so we reinstall it again, and this time we found two wires that must of touched each other, and was shorting out, and was burnt into the protective covering … so fixed once again, lets hope it is the end to all of that

the next job for Joe was to change the anodes in the engine, as you can see it was time, 5 1/2 months

I had the task of cleaning the exhaust soot from the stern, once again Scrubbing Bubbles worked great … note the manatees behind the boat …. later that day I spend about 4 hours, cleaning the dinghy inside and out … I was working on the grass by the boat .. and little did I know it was infected with Fire Ants … well guess what, I got eaten alive, both feet and legs up to my knees, I had about 30 plus bites per leg .. these ants are so small you don't even know what is happening, until about 24 hours later, when they all blister … I might add that I was so sick, I thought of heading to the hospital, I stayed in bed most of the time, just getting up to lend a hand when needed .. I started some antibiotics that we brought from home and in a few days I was getting better … and now 2 weeks later I'm still suffering with one of the blisters on my foot .. 

a close up look at the manatees

just sunning on the surface of the water

this is actually his/her tail

Joe was still struggling getting that last anoide out, it always takes both of us, with a mirror and every tool we can get into the side of the motor that we can't even see

we met up with friends Janice and Cam, from Nova Scotia, and Jerry the guy on the left that bought Cloud Chaser, an Owen Sound boat, built by Cunningham, one of our Commodores from GYC

Joe crewed on Cloud Chaser, with Dave Manners, before it was sold to Jerry

we rented a car for a few days to get some major projects worked on, and we took a side trip to the ocean, and a fisherman was cleaning his fish and these guys where enjoying the scraps 

this is what happens when a fish is caught in your pouch

we passed by truck loads of oranges and grapefruit being hauled to a processing plant for their juice

the car we rented and Joe and I doing laundry … the marina we are in has no laundry facility and the water is full of sulphur and not suitable for your tanks … so we picked up water from the city taps too

in the back part of this marina is an area of abandoned boats, or dreams that where crushed by hurricanes or accidents

the marina is set up for hurricanes, by these cement tie downs  … I should add that there is about 10 Canadian Boaters that we met here in the yard, all working on getting launched and heading to the Bahamas

this is a neat place, it is close by, and Joe even walked there a few times … it is 10 acres and 30,000 sq. ft of new surplus boat parts

bimini and dodger frames and canvas

this is all stainless parts ….. I think we will visit it again, before we head to the Bahamas
to be continued

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