Wednesday, 3 December 2014

November 22-23, 2014 Banana River

we have noticed a warning light coming on, saying that our alternator is not charging, so we turn on the wind generator to charge the chart plotter, VHF, batteries … our destination for today is Dragon's Point … this is cement pad that has been added to the shore line to stop erosion 

entrance to Dragon's Point, and Banana River

on the south side of the small bridge it was so crowded with anchored boats, we radioed to have the bridge opened to anchor on the north side … a wise move, there was tons of room to swing with the currant and tide

only 35 miles and 6 hours today

At Last, Snowbird and Jacob's Ladder all trying to find the dinghy dock

we finally tied up where it said no boats allowed, Snowbird and us took off east to find the ocean, and this is what we found on the way

finally the sea, we took our shoes off and walked in the surf for miles … there was a  red flag flying today, not a good day to go for a swim

Joe and Janine

Dave taking shots of the shore birds, most of his pictures are award winning

it felt so nice to soak in the fresh salty air

the 4 Canadian boats at anchor, north of the bridge … Modaki, Jacobs Ladder, Snowbird and finally At Last …. 

the birthday boy Andy … with Judy, Jabobs Ladder … as it turned out this was our …. I hope to see you again …farewell party

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