Wednesday, 24 December 2014

December 12 - ???, 2014 back home in Canada

Lily and her monster ATV machine with Sue 

we had to take a ride around the 20 acres, and yes helmets were worn .. we have trails in the bush from a recent logging project

Pirate Carter, in full gear, Joe and I brought back for him and our other 4yr old Wyatt …. pirate hand/hook, sword, patch, bandana, and books on How to be a Pirate, and A Pirate's Twelve Days of Christmas … lots of fun for all of us … especially me … Nana McTeer

Sue organized a fantastic meal at Francis Lake with Fran, Tilak and Clausien … we had lots to talk about and so many good times with life long friends

roast beef dinner with all the trimmings

ahh .. then Joe arrived 6 days later, and we couch surfed at Sue's home in the country, and she was giving us the update on the latest computer programs , plus we took the advantage of having a printer, and copied, health insurance forms, boat insurance forms, copies of new Visa cards (ours was scammed), and much more

we got to see Sue's latest purchase .. and in May 2015, I will get a chance to drive it …

thank goodness for not much snow at this moment … this is my Country Home .. Sue's now residence

with Joe back in Canada, we got to visit our friends … Joe's mom , Harriet, and Sylvia, and Joe, and Francise

our very good friends Richard and Ella

then off to Lily's house, she cooked us a complete turkey and ham dinner, with all the trimmings, it was the first time she has done this on her own …. she did a fantastic job … and we ate until we could not move …  Lily, Jesse, Sue and Mary Lou

Lily in the kitchen, with Joe and the last bit of the turkey …. 

then we are off to Joe's moms place for his family to come from Toronto and London … Sheila (sister in law) and Harriet (mom)

Kim (sister) and husband Harvey … my friend Sue

Sheila's husband Pat (Joe's brother) and Jovi (Sheila's sister)
are we confused now …

the next day we are off to my sisters for part of my family get together … Louise, me and Joyce, (both my youngest and oldest sisters) .. we had a great time and ate more food, which was too good to not eat …

my niece Sara, Niall and hubby Derek … and they announced that another beautiful baby is on the way
….. thank you everyone for coming to see us on our short time back in Canada

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  1. Hi Yvonne and Joe, Looks like you had a great time in Owen Sound! We were wondering ho you were. Hope to catch up with you in the Bahamas or south Florida soon. We are LOVING South Carolina