Tuesday, 3 January 2017

December 25-30, 2016 Christmas Dinner and Man of War - part one

we have to thank Charlie and Chris on Wingspread, Victoria Harbour, Ontario ... for such a
wonderful dinner, with a stuffed turkey, green beans, and we supplied
mashed potatoes, BBQ veggies and Chistmas Cake

we where also joined by Scotty Hamilton on Esperenza, from Nova Scotia
a few toast where made also

as I mentioned before Mangoes Restaurant is re-opening in January….
110 chairs has to be painted .. after 3 gallons one chair was left, unpainted.
in a picture to follow Rowland, had to paint a second coat on all the chairs

this is what line looks like when they are left in the water for any
length of time … actually a nice colour … on our return trip to Mangoes
we got the lines  out of the water and hung them to dry

I'm getting my sign made for Hope Town
in an earlier post we showed the signs that cruisers made to show the direction 
and how many miles it was to their home port
We will put our sign up the next time we are in Hope Town.

Joe is fixing the topping lift .. we are trying a new method now the
old one kept slipping out of the cleat

Luck of a Fool, Mary and Dave invited us over on Boxing day for supper…
another great meal .. they have now headed south to Eleuthra and Exumas
we hope to see them again back here in the Abacoes, before we leave

on our way to Man of War (MOW), I caught a small Jack… and returned it to the sea

anchored outside MOW…. this was good holding but the boat
traffic was strong and steady and we rocked and rocked, most of the time
Wingspread was anchored close by

a dinghy ride into MOW from the north .. too shallow for a sailboat, but we
did get to see two Manta Rays and a Sea Turtle

Joe is thinking of making this bench for our new porch, we love the life ring design

some pictures of our walk-a-bout , everything was closed today

this shrub was so beautiful, but it is not in our Bahamian Shrubs and trees book
it really reminded me of Christmas, with the Red, green and white

Abaco Dinghy loaded with Xmas boxes

front door to a church

this was the best Christmas tree that I have seen so far, a hanging mannequin

sculptures in a garden

and another

part two to follow

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