Tuesday, 3 January 2017

December 25-30, 2016 … part three

some more scenes of MOW

Modaki and Black Butterfly at anchor outside MOW, Black Butterfly is from Australia and has a 9 ft
draft, they are friends of ours from Nova Scotia, Jacobs Ladder, and Andy and Judy are
now in Central America in Rotan, we keep in touch by face book

Devil Ray sculpture

this is the place on MOW that we want to get our one sail restitched, but we are
having a problem reaching them

some more scenes

stag horn fern growing wild

sailboat sun dial

we found this mess of line floating behind out boat, so scooped it up and took it
to shore … this is an accident waiting to happen

Lignum Vitae .. the native tree of Bahamas

Joe says it is one of the hardest woods in the world and the branches
twist and turn as it is growing

mailing some post cards back to Canada
I wonder how long it will take ??

a hermit crab was walking along and rolled over and played dead, when I approached
they are so cute

the fisherman beside us at Managoes
this is red snapper and they where caught at 400-600 ft

and this one had a shark bite out of it

he sure had a bunch of colourful lures

he also caught 3 female Mahi Mahi, only about 20 lbs
and you troll for them

he said that when the Mahi Mahi are brought to the surface they are
a very colourful fish, here you can see blue, yellow and green

more projects inside Modaki, the v-berth walls painted and the wood under the cushions

Captain is starting to sand, scrape and varnish the wood work

and I'm dying the white bed sheets a nice yellow

Wingspread at sun rise

MOW canvas shop

Green Heron

there is a lot of house boarded up, just waiting for company to arrive
for the winter

another beach walk

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