Monday, 16 January 2017

January 3-5, 2017 Part two aluminum fishing float

look what we found walking the ocean beaches

Fishing float from La Coruna, Spain … the size of a bowling ball
upon googling this we found out ….
the lighthouse on the float is the Tower of Hercules Lighthouse, on both ends
it is the oldest lighthouse in the world, since the late 1st century AD .. Roman times

The tower, built on a 57 metre high rock, rises a further 55 meters of which 34 metres is made of Roman Masonry.   Originally the light was fuelled by wood fire.

our find has these writings, but they are worn
The lighthouse stands, but the Aluminum Smelting business, that made these floats, since 1920-50 has
closed.  We don't know for sure when our float was made, or how long it was afloat before being washed ashore during a storm.

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