Tuesday, 3 January 2017

December 25-30, 2016 part two

MOW ball diamond looking out to the ocean
I wonder how many have ended up in the sea ?

we met Chris and Charlie on the beach
we found a metal float dated back to 1905 .. I will post pictures of it later

we love finding these one way back streets, you just never know what you might find

air plane prop for entrance sign

brain coral .. one of the largest we have seen

the south entrance to MOW, we are looking out of the harbour towards
Elbow Cay .. this is how the ferries and all boats enter the harbour

sour oranges growing, I gathered some from the ground and I think
a Sour Orange Pie is in the making

heading back to our boats

feed the ducks on the way

Sun down and time to blow the conch

I think some one has eaten a lot of conch on this island

on one of our walks, we found a very well to do area, with million plus houses
and they sure where decorated well

one of the many palms

some more cool chairs

part three to follow

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