Thursday, 12 January 2017

January 3-5, 2017 Moonlight Maid and Snowbird -- part one

my favourite Asian Market gave us some Asian Eggplants, from their
garden .. curry eggplant was on the menu and supper

another nice sunset in Marsh Harbour

we decided to head to Buckaroon Bay for a few nights, but once we got out
into the Sea of Abaco and the 3-4 ft waves on the nose
we decided to head to Hope Town .. and guess who was waiting and watching the sailboat race,
Moonlight Maid and Snowbird

we made our sign to post along with about 100 plus others

Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
1266 miles, as the crow flies  .. this way

we had a great beach walk with Heather and Alan, Moonlight Maid,
and Dave and Jeanne, Snowbird

if could of brought this home with me I would
it is a log that has been eaten away with worms
the local artists saw this up to make picture frames

another discovery is this rode,washed up on shore ... it must of been 3 inches in diameter….
we sure would not want this wrapped around our prop

the next morning we headed off to Buckaroon Bay
and I caught this 13 inch Painted Mackerel

and a few hours later we BBQ it for lunch

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