Sunday, 22 January 2017

January 6-10, 2017 .. part two Batteries super charged

this is Black Butterfly, she is a 9 ft keel, and here aground, in the shipping channel

Friday nights at one of the marinas it is Rake and Scrape music night…
here our friend Scotty on the left playing with Brown Tip 
the music is played with saws and kitchen knives … very entertaining

and lots of dancing … Barefoot Dave and Hurricane Helen

most of us where Canadian, here is Janice and Cam from Nova Scotia

look what I found in the garbage at our marina

after going thru everything, all we didn't want is this small pile

another low coming thru, winds to 35 knots this time, we are securely tied to the dock

the best thing to do is invite some friends over for Chilli and Ceasar Salad and
Rum Cake

we made arrangements for Epic Battery to take our 4 golf batteries and
super charge them .. and they gave us this huge battery in the mean time to keep everything charged
up …. it turned out that they did not want this battery back, we had no use for it, so we gave it to Rey the Marina Manager, he was grateful for it

it only took about 4 hours to super charge them … Joe was ready to re instal

in the mean time we got a free scrap of copper from another guy and, Joe made us up
a bus bar … he also cleaned all of the connections and got our system up and running
and I'm happy to say that everything looks okay, the batteries seem to be holding
a charge and some times our gauge ready full …

a good day … heart shaped flowers on a palm

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