Monday, 16 January 2017

January 3 - 5, 2017 .. part three Buckaroon Bay, Abaco

this area has about 100 star fish, either red or yellow
the water was so clear, I took this picture from your main boat

the cactus looked out of place in this palm and mangrove area
we took a dinghy ride inside some islands to discover, large ponds, birds and many fish

one of the many sunk or washed to shore boats we encountered

this osprey was not happy that we got so close to her young

here she is dive bombing us and shrieking at a very high pitch.. and yes we obeyed her
and moved on

one of our finds was what we where told was a Mill, what kind of mill we don't know

the roof was made of wood

it was actually very artsy and beautiful in this condition

heading back to our boat to meet up with

Grace, Wingspread, and Modaki is at the left hand side

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